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Betina Gozo is a Texas-based Nike Trainer and formerly Apple Fitness + Trainer, musician, model, and advocate for disability awareness. Due to her long-term commitment with companies, she has not paid close attention to her personal branding and wanted to level up her brand on social media.
My Role
Client Work for Betina Gozo
A. V., Personal Assistant
4 Weeks


Betina Gozo’s visual identity has not been updated in a significant amount of time although her career has grown exponentially since then. The main objectives were to:

  • Create an identity that reflects her optimistic personality while keeping it professional and approachable.
  • Create visual assets that will allow for more effective and personable communication through social media (especially Instagram).
  • The created assets had to be easily manipulated as there is no graphic designer on the team to oversee the visual assets.


  • The created visual branding kit includes a simple logotype, a bright upbeat color palette, and fluid visual elements which reflect Betina’s personality.
  • The branding kit was then used to build out a library of: Illustrated GIFs (integrated with GIPHY for further use)Social media templates & an email newsletter structure both of which can be easily edited and adjusted in pre-set Canva templates.


Holistic brand refresh and a strong basis for building an individual brand outside of major corporations Betina Gozo is tied to.

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