Minerva University Website Redesign

Minerva University, a pioneering higher education institution dedicated to educating a new generation of impact-focused, globally-minded individuals, embarked on a journey to revitalize its online presence.
My Role
Junior Designer at Minerva University
A. Mason, Creative Director M. O'Riordan, Senior Designer
Feb - Aug, 2023 (7 months)


The university's website, a vital touchpoint for prospective students, faced several challenges such as navigational complexity, outdated content, and limited technical flexibility, that hindered its effectiveness in attracting and engaging potential students.


We conducted in-depth market research, refined their brand messaging, and created a modern visual identity that captured their essence.


The new website redesign project achieved significant outcomes, including a 300% visitor increase in the first month since launch, improved user experience by simplifying the site map, and enhancing Minerva University's brand representation.

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My Responsibilities

Research on Web Hosting Platforms and Design Agencies

I conducted thorough research to identify suitable web-hosting platforms and design agencies aligned with the project's requirements.

Point of Contact Between Agencies and the Internal Team

I was the liaison between the selected design agency and the internal team, facilitating communication and ensuring seamless collaboration.

Close Collaboration with the Third-party Design Team

As a part of the internal design team, I worked worked closely with the design agency, providing feedback on design concepts and contributing to the overall design and development direction of the website.

The Challenge

Problem Statement:

Prospective students are having difficulty finding relevant information and engaging with the university's website due to its outdated content, complex navigation, and limited flexibility.


Navigational Complexity

Lack of clear pathways and an intuitive information hierarchy leading to frustration and reduced engagement among prospective students.

Outdated Content

Content was significantly outdated, some of it having not been updated for almost 7 years, failing to accurately reflect the university's current offerings, values, and academic programs.

Limited Flexibility

The web hosting platform, Wagtail, lacked flexibility, causing the inability to make timely updates and enhancements, and making the Creative team depend on the priorities of the Product team.


Scope & Constraints

Unclear Budget

Initially unclear budget due to Minerva University's limited history of website redesigns. This necessitated extensive research to determine the appropriate budget range.

Tight Timeline

Tight schedule of February to August (7 months), the launch date aligning with the start of the new application cycle.

Temporary Team Structure Change

I led most of the agency selection process, as midway through the project the Creative Director left for maternity leave.

Users & Audience


Existing Solution


I reached out to the prospective students, and internal staff to identify where users struggle with the website. Some major insights included the following:

These findings were key in providing context to agencies we wanted to work with, in terms of context-setting and scope definition for our project.

Agency Selection Process

I compiled a list of potential design agencies, conducting thorough research to assess their experience, capabilities, and client portfolio. I also coordinated meetings with shortlisted agencies, facilitating discussions to understand their approach and alignment with Minerva University's mission and vision. Additionally, I evaluated proposals from shortlisted agencies, considering both financial and creative aspects, and shared these insights with the chief of external affairs, who used this information to make an informed decision along with the rest of the senior team.

Close Collaboration with Design Agency

Continuous Design Review

I actively participated in design reviews, providing feedback and suggestions to shape the direction of the website. Additionally, I actively helped with Webflow development production towards the later stages of the project, to ensure a timely launch.

Stakeholder Communication

I presented progress updates to relevant stakeholders, gathering feedback and ensuring alignment throughout the design process.

Content Updates

I coordinated with internal stakeholder groups to update content for the website, ensuring consistency and accuracy.


300%  Website Traffic Increase

The website experienced increase in visitors following the redesign.

Improved User Experience

Prospective students found the redesigned website easier to navigate, more engaging, and more informative. Additionally, the ownership of the website has been transferred to the Creative team, dissolving the dependency on the product team, leading to a significant decrease in website task completion time.

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